Recipe for Sunday Fare

Compartmentalize your life. Weave together each arena. Blend the activities, mixing days and nights. Spread your interests around the palette and watch the design of ur life unfold. With so much more clarity a definition appears with Google speed. Older is older. Better? – depends on the day. Each set back takes longer to recover from. However, the resolves are stronger. No looking back as it delays the plunging ahead. Buying the new Tumi Vapor Lite luggage- “traveling light.” Wake up on the right side of the bed-you never know what part of the day will snap into place. Vulnerability and rejection are standard tunes that run through my head. With progress not perfection, I try to fine tune the colors and re-glue the pieces that keep popping up. I then stand away from the board, look at it from a different perspective and realize anyway I see it- Life is a Masterpiece. Here’s to making it another good day! 

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