And I Quote…

The I can’t believes don’t matter anymore. Your actions thundered so loudly I hardly heard your words. Let’s do lunch. I’ll call you when I come home. You must come for dinner. Our drink is long over due. We would love u to see what we did to the house. I promise I will re- schedule. If only I knew you were in town, I had an extra ticket. We really need to sit down and raise a glass.People do what they do and repeat patterns. I slipped out of the “let’s do lunch crowd” quite awhile back. I suppose we have all been on both sides of these one liners with more frequency then we can believe. Do we say things to be kind? Maybe attempt a get together? Perhaps to seek a rapprochement ? Human nature to want to connect and intermingle. Yours, mine and ours. I no longer need my dance card filled. I prefer the quality of time where “the melody lingers on.” In reviewing the activities of any given week, I am thrilled when I walk away with a – “wow I can’t wait to do that again.” Or- that was so much fun- it felt so good. A nice evening the music was terrific my fav. Boy, catching up was great I really missed her. The “love u mores” with the grandkids- nothing quite like those. . Could it be that our memories are cloudy when we put the date down, as we are thrilled when they cancel. The commodity of time cannot be overestimated. When binge watching replaces a dinner out with pleasure, that sends the message loud and clear. I’ll take sound bites, surrounded by activities in common for $100.00 please.

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