Insights, Delights and Frights

Booming my way into this time in life takes much more effort then I imagined. Acute pleasures become enhanced by insights and diluted by fears. Once I am seated at the table I hope I don’t get that tap on my shoulder to say, “sorry please move to that seat over there.” Much easier to fine tune than to make corrections as time goes by. Disappointments become enlarged and put into the “I should have known better categories.” Prioritizing is great as long as things go along as planned. With a sudden jolt and a shocking disturbance I face a knowing task with a little more difficulty. That aging process makes itself known in unexpected ways. The balance of keeping your chin up when gravity is doing its job is part of the job description. I delight in knowing with perseverance and a fair amount of tweaking my – “there we go moments” are more frequent than not. The music last night at one of my frequent concerts was deliberately slow. It was the Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and Gershwin tunes- the 1930’s Great Depression era. The operative word being “Depression.” Not much about this period of my life resembles the presentation of song last eve. Perhaps I go a touch slower without intent. My activities, my verve and my determination to make this period of chance special have not decreased in pace. I delight in the help for my maintenance program. Acupuncture and massage for my body- blended with shared time with people of choice; doing things I so enjoy. I am off and running. No one is gonna stop me now.

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