50,000 square ft. Message

When it glares, rears and stares open the door and let the messenger in. Messages come wrapped in packages ribboned with reality. When you are ready to “get it”- they unwrap themselves. If only time was the voice of reason that spoke up beforehand and decided “when” for us. How many days, months and years ahead of ourselves we could be. The Adage “if only I knew then, what I know now” would not exist. Pipe dreams in my picture show. How much trouble I could have avoided, how many wrong decisions I would not have made. Life on Life’s terms and away we go. Wise/young would be all our choices. Determining our own reality, insuring seamless days and choices well made would be a perfect destiny. Well, it just doesn’t work that way. However, once you get the lessons that were out there, down the path you realize they are not out of reach. Turning the “only ifs”into the “why nots” is a workable deal with fate. When I was younger I never understood the “timing is everything” theory. As my life has played out I get it. Although and just perhaps with older/wisdom , lessons hard learned and disappointments galore we can mix our own cocktail for success. Take what you’ve learned, add a pinch of advice, stir with an ounce of hope, blend in the desire for more and simmer on a low flame. And then– Lady Luck generally woos those who earnestly, enthusiastically, unremittingly woo her. 

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