A Rose by any other Name!

I have spent the better part of a decade plus working my way to a place to call my own-and hence how I came up with the name of my Blog. The work for the most part has been my pleasure, my joy, my growth. In this writing moment it’s about “Me.”  The histrionics of the family a very old story-unfurled, looked at with one eye shut, then with both eyes staring, glaring and being blinded by its reality. End of era-new beginning and much healthier.

We walked into the Oneg Shabbat yesterday at the synagogue which houses the kid’s school. Gorgeous building, re-done due to the tragedy of fire. Methaphor here?-no coincidence. The excitment and the glory of watching our first born grandson being honored, was Grand, Huge. We celebrated his 10 yr. old b-day last week. We took him out for dinner to his very favorite restaurant. After dinner he came back to our home for his very favorite ice cream sundae dessert. He ate in our bed, on a Big tray and he got to watch a movie  of his choice. Wait it gets better–As he is cozied up in between us he stops eating and says–“What a Life.” Yes and so it is my beautiful boy–for me too! He’s 10 and had that moment.

Our world with the kids is just that. Never do I be-grudge my good fate for being given this opportunity. Not my birthright-but my Good Luck. So I have embellished, reveled in and lived it to the fullest.

Oh yes, there have been mishaps, words misconstrued and fumbling for sure. My Bubby would say, “mamala, such is life.” I have scrambled to find my seat every time the music stopped and indeed I found one.

Our time with the kids was penned in a visual our dear, talented Andrea Alvin painted for us this summer. It was a joint effort of the Heart. We put together a photo display of 10 years of gathered memories. It houses our world with them. Yes–all there on display palpable and forthright. It is delighfully fecundus. I look at it everyday and marvel in how much we look forward to collectively. How the good times out last the not so good times. I am thrilled we captured what I have been thrilled to live.

I have accepted being called Judy, Grandpa Judy, Miss Frizzle. Grandma is not what I am called, which is perfectly fine, as I know my place in their hearts from the bottom. Yesterday at the Oneg Shabbat Zachary sat on Grandapa Ira’s lap and Alexei, who came to see his cousin being honored, sat on mine. With a very full heart I cherished the moment and realized that’s what its all about!






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