“Smart to Be Lucky”

Just when u think u can widen ur belt, exhale emotionally and proceed with unbridled passion, life happens oxymoronically. The adage of older/wiser, while ever so true plays out as reality with bumps and grinds. You arrive, cross the threshold of we’ve made it this far–and then the interplay of the bold and the beautiful, the ying and the yang and the good and the bad rears it’s ugly head-front row center. So, in fact, u pool ur resources, plunge ahead and prevail thru adversity. Our basic prototype, who we really are remains throughout. With a blend of refinement, delight, growth spurts, moments of decline and sheer luck we float to the top. Go for more, hopefully get “some” more. Voluntarily, we finally use our awareness of what feels better than not, who tickles our fancy and who causes dismay. THEN–u hear a voice say to you-“Judy can u help me put on my shoes ?”–as they walk out the door, art project in hand. —-And then a smile filled with joy of a full day of win/wins. They turn around when you call out “how bout a kiss good-bye?” I wish for everyone run on sentences like this that never end–get repeated often. I was “Smart to Be Lucky.”


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