“If you don’t own it the people can tell”- well my dear niece, my blood, you have owned it since I watched you lick ur finger to turn the page as Daddy read the newspaper. You led with your heart. You work the room without intent and win the hearts of everyone. Your smile shines thru your G-d given dimples. You create an aura, a distinctive atmosphere of quality, wherever you go.

It is once again your time to shine. You met your love, the man in your picture show to stand by your side. He is a gentleman, a kind soul and knows what you need when you need it. Grandma and Papa would be proud to know you will share your life with him. He holds his money clip in his pocket and your heart in his hand. We love him too! 

Go forward my dear children – work each venue you stroll into with a sense of knowing – that ” if you don’t own it the people can tell! 

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