Home Alone.

And just like that he left for Home. All the while we believed Home is where the left over stuffed derma is. Was it that there was too much cooked celery in the chicken soup? Perhaps he found too many bounce dryer sheets stuck to his socks in his drawer? Could it be the half and half wasn’t fat free? She racked her brain trying to come up with a sound reason she was left behind to negotiate The Boys parking lot by herself?
So she rearranged her mindset, left an extra house key in the car and knew if she got the chicken in the pot from 3ggg’s she was covered for dinner the next two nights.

He left her the buy one get one flyer from Lucille’s Barbecue in case she wanted ribs one night. For the next 7 days Amazon was her plus one go to. Paper goods left in front, hopefully the day they’re delivered it won’t rain.
Ok then now what? Netflix, perhaps?
Finishing the book for the next book club? Indeed a possibility. In an attempt to keep busy during her solo ride she packed a bag for a destination beach day. She included her air pods, zinc oxide for her lips and a turkey sandwich for lunch, no mayo, could spoil in the heat. Well that will take care of a day in his absence. On the way home, while listening to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, she stopped at Glicks for a container of soup and a six pack of Dr. Brown’s Diet Cherry Soda. Counting moments dinner by dinner. Interesting.
Back to the check off list for when the garbage is picked up and to make sure to leave the housekeeper money on Wednesday.
She’s covered on heavy items i.e. bottles of water and Tide Detergent. No worries, all good, yes freezer is full. Who knows a little time apart in the absence makes the heart…fashion could be good.

So she took a left on to Jog after what seemed like a long wait, pulled into Town Center for a little shopping therapy only to realize it was only 8:45.
Next stop the bagel place at the (OMG) counter for one seat. An everything bagel with a schmear- often a comfort food panacea.
With a little time to go until Neimans opens CVS is a good time filler. One can never have too much Calamine lotion for those middle of the night leg itches.
My take away on Home Alone, after a glued to the hip time together especially during the Pandemic days is that keeping busy is key. They are having a Bingo Game in our community. Buying some new dabbers at the Big Apple flea market on Atlantic can help pass the time until life goes back to Two for the Road. No worries I got this week covered.

Hit it Henry Mancini
Two for the Road

If you’re feeling fancy free.
Come wander through the world with me.
And any place we chance to be,
Will be a rendez-vous.
Two for the road.
We’ll travel down the years.
Collecting precious memories-
Selecting souvenirs.
And living life the way we please.
In summertime the sun will shine.
In winter we’ll drink summer wine.
And everyday that you are mine
Will be a lovely day.
As long as love still wears a smile.
I know that we’ll be two for the road.
And that’s a long, long while.
As long as love still wears a smile.
I know that we’ll be two for the road
And that’s a long, long while.

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