New Rage on how to Age. Laughing out Louder.

Who can touch their toes?

As you are on the way down traveling south past your new hip, you might bypass the pins and screws in your knee or perhaps an ankle. Destination our newly coiffed toe nails. We stopped at Dr. You Nailed this before we picked up six bialys to freeze from The Boys.

We change our top, put on some lipstick and get ready to meet at Poppies for the early bird dinner/lunch for tomorrow.

We ask to have our table changed a few times as the A/C was blowing right on us. We put on the new cardigan sweater we got at the Flea Market on Sample Rd. After we pool our medical updates and order a cocktail we ask for the bread to be heated. We then wait for 20 minutes until we see our waiter again. Ok then, the conversation ensues with a new pill for this, a new procedure for that. As long as our “funny bone” is intact- we got this. A tennis game, a round of golf a stretch class or two. We acclimate to the “back nine” with our new cataract less foresight, becoming our new hindsight. So just for today we will put on our prescription less rose colored glasses. We will go to the we got lucky dept. at Bloomingdales and be grateful as when learn a table opened up at the new Mediterranean restaurant on Federal Highway. They give us all the hummus and Baba ganoush we can eat as we watch the belly dancer shake her age appropriate belly fat from table to table. 😎 So glad you are at our table again. Have a great Tuesday- aka senior discount day at Publix.

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