Game of Bones!

Game of Bones!

Don’t fall the docs all tell us.

Let caution lead the way.

A broken bone incurs,

Conversations with more to say.

There is no easy fix.

No bandaid lined with salve.

Wearing sensible shoes,

You thought you’d never have.

The bones are the main structure,

From which we dance and play.

The years of “double dutching” so very far away.

So you fix the carpal tunnel,

A slice of life returned.

You can shuffle up the cards

And feel your finger if it’s burned.

With the femur and the tibia and the humerus intact,

A quick walk around the block

Once our sprint around the track.

One foot proceeds the other,

Add caution to the mix,

Enjoy this beautiful Saturday.

Leave nothing left to fix.

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