137 Killed, 316 Injured

El Malei Rachamim
RIP Dear Daddy,
Do we have some news to share.
You left us in 2012,

We hold you so Precious, so Dear.
Fast Forward 10 years-

The world in extreme disrepair.
Catastrophes are piled so high.
Listen up, please pull up your chair.
March 2020 brought a virus,
The likes of which we’ve never known.
We ran far and wide,
It kept us inside,
Isolated, and scared, so alone.
We zoomed and we binged on the daily.
Like nothing ever before.
Lives have been lost,
At too high a cost,
We were afraid to walk out the door.

Hold on to your hat,
It doesn’t end at that,
Fast forward –

To a World Wide dis-ease.
Putin has triggered a War on Ukraine.
Airstrikes and Rockets are hovering,
On the precipice of losing innocent lives.
Waiting on next moves uncovering.

With Threats and sanctions in place,
Horror and disgrace.
The Russians are coming,

The Russians are coming.

Let’s collectively pray,

For unity to preserve our freedom.

And to add solace as we find our way.

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