Do People Age Into Acceptance?

Judy Gottlieb Gomberg

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And I quote- Lillian Hellman-“It is a sad day when you find out that it’s not accident or time or fortune, but just yourself that keeps you from things.” With the glory and glow of celebrations we just experienced and more in front of us we sit for a minute and take stock. Knowing what counts, is tantamount to counting. The quality over quantity adage comes into play more so. What amounts to enough? Restaurants are mobbed, the streets are crowded as everyone is clamoring and starving for freedom. Safer place pandemic, the new left of normal and this mask you are wearing, yep, gonna last. Have we emerged with a different appreciation of collecting moments? Perhaps for now. Will we surrender to half doses factored into our years ahead? And why not? One emphatic take away is the more you can discount the “only ifs,” the better a chance you will have of 12 stepping it and attaining the wisdom of “knowing the difference.” Make it a Sunday with a cherry on the top.

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