70 cents on The Dollar

We woke up had oatmeal and my peeps and I are about to turn 70 wtf years old. The years like the bouncing dots of a text message being replied to have flown by. Resplendent with wonderful and some not so wonderful memories that have marched along with us, like dutiful soldiers. Luckily, we have built lovely little corners for them in the attic of our minds.They are always there to call upon. Reliable, friendly and filled with warmth. Haven’t you read a book twice? You know what’s coming and still look forward to the race of your heart and the a-ha moments The cost of admission-down memory lane every penny (heads up) that we’ve saved to gain entrance, worth it. Through very little provocation we tap into them. We share our euphoric recall thru posted pictures that we carry with us in our eyes only. Those moments in time that brought pink to our cheeks and offered a glow to last a lifetime. Her look, his smile when you gave them a collage that documents their happy moments. Doesn’t get better in-spite of all the the crazy glue stuck to your fingers times. And then, like the fleeting moment of the Robin Red Breast sitting upon your lawn who just stopped by to announce Spring it goes. You start another project, read another book, or spend the day perfecting the new recipe you got for osso bucco. Lucky to have a new day to create a new moment. We Polaroid the feelings that having lunch with your childhood friends offers and document the look on a young child’s face when they jump into a cool swimming pool on a hot summer day. Today I will steal a glimpse of GHG during dance class as she swings and glides another opportunity for me to create a picture to call all mine.
Make it a great Sunday and who knows perhaps along the way add a new memory that will last a lifetime.

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