Accentuate The Positive

Alexa -play “G-d Bless America”- written by Irving Berlin.

From the mountains to the prairies

To the Ocean white with foam

G-d Bless America our home sweet home.”

On the last day of Passover as Easter bunnies hide eggs

We jump ahead to school openings in-spite of the dread

In light of the maelstrom of danger at our door

With zeal and determination leave worries on the cutting floor

So lets fry up the matzoh with the eggs from the ground

Weave tales for the kiddies of love pure and sound Spring Season’s upon us, dreams waiting to come true We add a new reason, a purpose to renew

Flip the energy to positive and move right along Don’t sweat the small stuff, just dream up a song

Lace your sneakers, grab your hoodies, go take a walk

Bring a racquet and a frisbee and even some chalk We can hopscotch our way to fun days ahead

Empty all the cobwebs, that are stuck in our head

Inspire one another as merrier is more

Now turn up the music, throw a steak on the grill With one life to live this is no fire drill

Come one, come all, we are in this together

With real hope on the way make the hashtag #morebetter.

Make it a good Sunday “Peeps.”

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