When The Going Gets…

Dear Abby, I am looking for a little more distance relationship. Alone time essential. Not sure I am going about it in the right way. I figure I can advertise what I have been doing during quarantine but not certain there is much appeal to honed skills in ordering paper products in bulk. I have lost my sparkle, forget about a glow- and pasty and fleshy hold no appeal. I suppose zoom pilates could have been an alternative to my physical deterioration, oh well. I could add to the list, perfected cooking garlic and not burning it as I turned away to take another gulp of my Stoli- hold all judgements during this time in history i.e. “gulping.” We all have our whatever gets you through the night coping mechanisms. I have learned restraint and limitations in I know longer lay like a lump and binge watch a whole season of “Imposters” in one sitting. If you haven’t seen it put aside the time to sit, it was Fun (see Netflix). I have surrendered some of my rules about pretzel crumbs in bed- in a do what I do, not what I say way. I limited my instagram induced haze and have a few must follows. “Onefunnymommy” and “thelesliejordan” are extremely funny, delivery talented. I don’t know how appealing adding Gas-x to my morning routine is but it is clearly my best delivery tip. Fruits and vegetables are seasonally delicious now. Thank you Bettie Ann for getting an associate degree in Gastrointestinal Disorders. All the years of watching medical shows and your thesis on Dr. Marcus Welby M. D. paid off. Your depth of stomach fix wisdom -extraordinary. I could list how excellent I have become in applying my own hair color and how covering back of head strong through 4 MONTHS I have become. Bringing attention to the aging process holds zero appeal even to those in the know. Perhaps my skills at Canasta Junction and Mahjong on line will interest someone, but desperate measures don’t cut it. So as I round out my time with strict “Age appropriate” precautions, I pray for the day when social distancing becomes a choice and not mandatory. When wearing a mask and glasses would be to avoid running into someone you would prefer not to see for small talk and no longer a health saving measure. Foremost, when beautiful grandchildren can hug you from the waist up, while we are no longer on our knees praying for a safe, new normal. Signed #Prayingstrong!

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