The More Love…

From Bris to Bar Mitzvah in the blink of 13 years. Fast forward two years as we get ready to watch a virtual 8th grade graduation, a wonderful rite of passage. Shrouded in blessings, with open hearts, we add Shep nachas moments. The emphasis is set to Fun and then our time unfolds. We throw in a heaping spoonful of sugar in Mary Poppins fashion and hit the ground running. We are the playful, protective, snack enablers, all the while overseeing the art projects and new Scooby movie. We greet Club Gomberg with the same line each time, calling out from from the kitchen – “who’s here?” We can’t wait for them to come with feelings of anticipation, seldom matched . We let them know all are welcomed, as more is certainly merrier. Our cabinets hold the “regulars,” and snack time begins. On the nights of sleepovers we would close the blinds, and it would be the Stars, the Moon and “Us.” These years add years to our lives, as they add a potpourri of memories to theirs. In the game of bridge finding the right 8 card fit depends greatly on how your partner plays his cards. In this case the deck was stacked in our favor. Our “good- byes for now” are always with the look of “when will we do it again?“ So for today we’ll press the reset button and make it a true daily double. We will put “All our Eggs in One Basket.“

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