Never hurts to be reminded…

Leave your mistakes, disappointments, mea culpas and excuses in the box at the door marked Debbie Downer. Your shoes, you can leave them on and hit the ground running. If Harry is wild about you, sit next to him, make him your friend and invite him over when you order in Sushi from Gari’s. Find your group of Harry’s and don’t bother with the Sam’s. 

With our children in America being murdered at rapid fire speed, our life long friend’s loosing loved ones in a few months time and our body parts going to the repair shop often, let’s cast our own spell and really, really, really live for today. 

After spending part of the winter months in a retired state of mind I feel now more than ever the role we play in our own destiny. We are our own gestalt barometers. Complete the project, write the book and call Papa Lenny and invite him to lunch. That smile on his face as he ate meat loaf, mashed potatoes and corn – priceless. “The best of times is now. As for tomorrow, well who knows, who knows, who knows. So hold this moment fast. And live and love as hard as you know how.” Jerry Herman, that La Cage song gets us every time. We have jettisoned into mid- life and then some so it’s time to put on your tan shoes and pink shoe laces and throw on that polka dot vest and man oh man. Here’s to Debby and Walter, dear friends who got their mojo on, took this pic in Mexico and won the cover shot for AARP magazine summer issue. Ok, poetic liberty, truth stretching and brushing the flies in my picnic of life away for good! 

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