Grandparenting for the Win

One manga-tile, two magna-tile, three-magna-tile four. With each squat, plunge and groan we are keeping our eye on the prize. We meet the trainer appropriately named Know-L and our mission begins. When we joined the GCA- Grandparents Club of America 12 years ago, we were equipped to jump up from the floor with zest and no thought of our body parts. Holding on to help ourselves up, no way. With knees and wrists in tact we were still “hip.”  So with 600 magna-tile pieces, bags on end of planes, trains and automobiles and lots of building in our future we’re in the work-out zone. We are not going to let ourselves get “down” without sprinting up. When Knowl says give me ten, we say I’ll give you fifteen, whatevers. So for now we’re optimizing our luck, our by chance fate and taking stock in Advil and epsom salt.  Catch us if you can Father Time –we found a way around you‼️

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