Get Smart

After a day of school, the algebra tutor- (gornisht helfen)- dinner and shower finished we’d get cozy on the couch for “Would You Believe “out of the mouth of Maxwell Smart. Maxwell was a secret agent who puzzled villains and his boss with his confusing explanations and farcical combat style, I say clearing my voice. “Now listen carefully,” CONTROL Agent 86- (Don Adams) with Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon) transported the James Bond and Inspector Clouseauesque capers spun through the brilliant eyes of Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. The secret agent genre goes satire. “The Chief”-Thaddeus (Edward Platt) of the faux CIA, doled out the assignments. Agent Smart played the bumbling, cockeyed optimist to the stereotypical “50’s” woman. Barbara knew more than Don but allowed him to believe he alone brought them through the finish line. 

Fast forward feminism and with no algebra tutors in sight, Danica Roem defeats “chief homophobe.” She said ” discrimination is a disqualifier” and we celebrate you because of who you are, not despite of it. Sucker punch to the gonads.

I’ll take State of Affairs for $1,000 please. Which Don says “would you believe?” when enemies call his bluff and he ineffectually resorts to more desperate ones. Take the $1,000 to the bank.

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