Legos and Lunch

Staying connected to our souls as the Saturday mid-summer goal. With adventures displayed daily through the eye of photo shop on Instagram and Facebook, we travel guide through someone else’s life-at the moment. As the carpe diem magnet stares back at us from our refrigerator door we scroll and scroll some more. Daily pictures of growing (up) vegetables on the terrace and strangers newly painted front door become as routine as the morning paper and orange juice. The flowers in Lady X’s garden or the smile  on Mr. B’s grandchildren’s visiting day faces have replaced “All My Children and our voyeuristic interest in Erica’s choice for an eighth husband. So when your grandchild returns from camp, comes over for Legos and Lunch and says -” I love being here so much, it feels like I never left,” you take it as a defining moment to log out of anyone else’s newly painted front door and walk through your own with your head high and your smile big. Run on sentence quota not filled. Grass greener seekers need not apply. Do it up Saturday!

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