Growing Up and Liking it!

I am Wonder Woman. I wonder how time flies more quickly as an adult. It seems as if watermelon and new white sneaker season lasted ad infinitum. Brand new blue loose leaf folders, colored tabs to divide social studies from algebra and colorful pencil holders already? Do you remember new commercials for Fall tv shows advertised in July? Did Ginsburgs and Wechslers sport alpacas and madras blouses second week in July? Help me out on this one Julia’s . Did the street lights go on so much earlier in the summer then they do now? Father Time slow down dude we need to take a breath. I wonder when self help books turned into “recalibrating the soul” GPS style. If you don’t say that this could happen, if you do this perhaps a better outcome. No one taught us life on lifes terms when they waited to pay for our new dress to wear to Temple for the holidays. We now speed dial our way to becoming more evolved. Hot rock massages, bikram yoga and acupressure lead the way to mojitos, Guacamole toast and red velvet cupcakes. 

I wonder where the days of climbing the monkey bars, wearing very tight white rubber bathing caps to ward off the chlorine effects when we swam and ring dings went? 

If the line was busy you called your friend back to tell her about the new colored bangle bracelet you got and how well dressed your Barbie will be the next time she comes over to play. 

So as the Sunday before August rears it’s head why not “turn the beat around and “stop thinking about tomorrow,”- hey look how far it got us. I think I’ll i tune my way through the half an hour on the treadmill, eat my half of everything bagel with scallion cream cheese and “let the memories live again.” Only this time I’ll sing along as Frankie Valli croons late December back in “63” in my ear. Make it a good one “peeps.” “Oh what a night.”

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