One Moment in Time…

I woke up had oatmeal and was 65. The good times like the bouncing dots of a text message being replied to have flown by. Luckily, I have built a lovely little corner for them in the attic of my mind. They are always there to call upon. Reliable, friendly and filled with warmth. Haven’t you read a book twice? You know what’s coming, but for the race of your heart and the a-ha moments that gentle recapitulation offers. The cost of admission worth every penny heads up that I’ve saved to gain entrance. Through very little provocation I tap into them. I share the euphoric recall thru a posted picture that I carry with me in my eyes only. That one moment in time that brought pink to my cheeks, that offered a glow to last a lifetime. Her look, his smile like a first kiss, daring and passionate. A job well done and a memory worth the wait. And then, like the fleeting moment of the Robin Red Breast sitting upon your lawn who just stopped to announce Spring it goes.Luckily a new day to create a new moment. Polaroid that feeling  that lunch with your old friend’s offers. Document the look on a young child’s face when they jump into a cool swimming pool on a hot summer day. Today I will steal a glimpse when my #niecestopieces bites into her “Instant Heart Attack” with turkey sandwich from the Second Avenue Deli.. Don’t worry that picture is all mine! Make a memory today that will last a lifetime. 

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