Lego’s, Lollipops and Love

Three’s on the Fourth. In fairy tales three is considered the magical number. The third test or the third try deemed the moment to overcome difficulties when presented to heroes and heroines. In rituals, actions are performed three times. The tripod of Life is represented with three joining rings, known as the Borromeam Rings. They symbolize the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. In Irish folklore, if you catch a Leprechaun and set him free, he will grant you three wishes. The Rosetta Stone is written in three scripts used during ancient Egypt. The three wise monkeys, also know as the mystic apes- hence, the proverbial principle “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.Adages galore- three on a match, threes a crowd, three is company- third times a charm, three coins in a fountain-counting to three. Hip, hip hooray. Away we go.

Succulents, sunshine, sushi– bubbles, bangles and beads–perfume, parties and pizza, fantasies, flowers, friendship- candy, carousels and contentment-

My three wishes, going forward on this fourth day of July is for Faith, Wisdom and Courage. Sounds like a winning trifecta in the trimester for –The Land of the Free, because of the Brave. 

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