Some Kind of a Wonderful Life!

Let’s do it Monday, of a brand new week. With a day of appointments and possibly disappointments, I wonder what time my first disappointment is. I’m ready, I’ll just push it away Mamala, choose the road most traveled, and like Sheryl Sandberg advises go to Plan B.

As the possessor of a vast collection of go to’s on rainy days, keep your chin up activities and when in doubt negotiate your way out -I’ll get a ticket to ride and wait for Palisades Park to open at 10:00. There I’ll find my way out of the maze of disappointment ride and quiet the noise in my head.

When unbridled passions, limited limitations and plunge-like energy offered a mainstream consistency it was a breeze. When I think of the numerical reality in which we stand I have become accustomed, I have accepted it. What I can’t grasp is the shift in physical abilities which have always been the object of easy sailing in our arena of navigation. But in a no sissy style, add a spoonful of sugar to your get happy medicine, use your aphorism of choice and buy the ticket book at Palisades so you can go on all the rides. Make it a good one!

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