What’s your Sign-ature?

A friend’s daughter has a company that makes jewelry out of personal signatures. It’s called “Sincerely”. She came up with the idea to use your personal penmanship, if you will, and creates a hanging memory. It could be a name signed, a written message of an “I love you.” She started it as one way to honor the memory her dad Steve. I had her make one up for me and just unwrapping it was a thrill. And I quote- I walk down memory lane, cause I love running into you. Collecting memories, the universal hobby of the heart. 

As Mother’s Day is quickly approaching it offers a binary rush of my Soph. I allow the feelings to come to the forefront and I love her and miss her simultaneously. When she died I lost hope. As the years have moved on I am able to tap into that hope that she always offered. One take away and a huge lesson was her constant reminder when you “do good” it doesn’t matter who gets the credit. Just “do good.” She was a smiley gal. She always had a kind word and was the person who called just to ask how someone was feeling. 

So mama and to all the memory collectors – it’s your day- enjoy the daylights out of every minute. And Romy thanks for my memory.

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