Denouement or Rapproachment?

The denouement of Summer Days. As the last of the sand is cleaned off our flip flops and our floppy hats are being stored in the back of a closet —we reflect. Summer offers so many physical sensations of year’s past. The feelings last so much longer than the end of their days. With euphoric recall we remember long, languid days of warm breezes, iced coffees and the names of books we read as kids. Glorious thoughts of end of day schlepping beach chairs back to Aunt Helen’s house, our feet burning with every leap. Ah, the splash of the cool shower as it hit our sunburned, sand filled backs. How about the first bite into well buttered corn on the cob? Oh, and the melodic sound of the Good Humor Man. Not such an easy decision between a fudgicle or the then version of tasti-delite with cookie crumbs- loved those choices of toppings.

Somewhere around mid August we knew we would soon learn what shows we had the option of watching on our rabbit eared T.V. sets. We tried to figure out how many night time programs we were allowed and how we could factor new ones in between Dr. Kildare and That Girl. Richard Chamberlain and Marlo, we were loyal for sure. 

Shopping at Ginsburg’s and Wechsler’s for that well planned first day of school outfit is readily brought to mind as we remember the “when we were young times.” We called upon Debbie’s Dad for the knowing, well fitted Cordovan Weejun’s. Breaking them in was a primordial lesson in the “getting use to’s” we would carry with us always. 

And then… The intermix of the first day of school and observation of The Jewish Holiday’s stuffed with wonderful traditions and all the brisket you can eat nights that we still yearn for. So, as I see it, we can reach back and hold out for the second the door shuts on wearing white, or we can gear up for Fall. How about buying the sunflowers that predictably serve as the beginning of Autumn. Use up the last of the peaches in the pie crust that will soon be filled with Apples. And even, just even, go to Rutt’s for that one or two relish laden hot dogs that, yes transcends seasons but in yellow marker fashion italicizes the days of long ago but never far from heart. Make it a great one!

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