Listen up Baby Boomers!

Boomer blogs are getting a reputation as self-help guides. So who doesn’t need help? Who can’t use some improvement? The boomer in us have boomed our way to figuring doing it better–Better. In the midst of a nightmare election on the front burner we are certainly living outside the Age of Aquarius. The war of words exhibits an affront to one and all. We end up temporarily siding with no one as we are stunned by the abuse and the disrespect through words. And you are having a problem showing your tax returns because? 

Not to tout the corpulent ego of Barry Goldwater, however and I quote “extremism in the pursuit of the truth is no vice.” The feeling of being overshadowed by an elitist enterprise, feels too close to the truth. How many billions does it take make you reel it in? Hey, the pre-millennials and your grandchildren are viewing this as the prototype of candidates running for the highest office. Really, boys and girls! This political stand still moment in time will be remembered as two bully’s fighting in a back ally. Don’t they know to let the other one at least feel they are winning. This was one well versed theorem of lyricist Richard Rodgers when he collaborated with verse and music. Let’s do it your way, no let’s do it yours. The strength of someone who has lived a very successful life cannot be overestimated. Well, you would think so. So where is Dale Carnegie’s book, or Erma Bombeck’s guide when we need them? Simpler times when “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies” was a mild warning. No longer do you see people dressed in evening garb at theater. Going to the Ballet and Opera was often a black tie evening and not just on the weekend. What happened to the dinner dates when it was no cell zone nights? How about the folks who gaze at the phone placed next to them every 17 minutes or every time an email, perhaps political in nature comes through? With the uproar in our everyday from the top down we have choices none the less. As the millenials are choosing to bunk in their parents basements over ramen noodle dinners, we are choosing to have ramen noodle dinners at home over sitting at dinners with people more interested whether Donald is over the Hill and why Bernie is still standing, than us. Make it a Carnegie and Bombeck day and like Bettie Ann suggested last week, download “Turn it off,” from Book of Mormons. Self-helped!

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