Who Know’s Where or When

When you know the answer and keep asking the question. When who you will vote for overshadows the job description- the lesser of two… When you reconnect with a friend from so many years ago, reinvent the relationship adding husbands and games. How about easing into the rite of passages with an “ok, I’m ready, let’s do it!” When you install a spiritual app- for the soooo hard to learn lessons and use it. What about getting second and third opinions on how that table looks in that corner or whether the age spot once removed will leave a more obvious scar. When choosing your invaluable “gut” becomes your go to always Modus Operandi.
Attention demographic pals the replacement parts section, now serves fennel tea w/ginger. Look over there two for one knee replacements and a sale on hip joints, ball and socket included. Dental implants so reasonable. Too much to continue reading, no worries we’re good. Right place, right time. At last we can choose to get a little stoned thru the pain, or opt for the laparoscopic way. Our folks typically used their one choice based on one opinion. 

Enter laughing! Turn the beat around, keep your sunny side up, wake up and smell the roses. When you fix the station to Turner Classic Movies and dream about the Cary Grant, Fred Astaire and Clark Gable days you can cast aside your troubles and woe, dream a little dream and spend your time figuring out how Fred danced on the ceiling without watching that part of the movie upside down. I proclaim this Saturday count your blessings one by one day. Buy that new rain coat and hope you never wear it out. Spend an extra buck on the filet mignon roast or rib eye- not on sale. Maybe even put that cherry on top of the ice cream sundae you’re eating on Saturday. 

I woke up in my sleeping laughing and that’s how I will start counting today. Our 3 and 3 month old granddaughter asked me to show her a picture of when she was a baby. I took one off the shelf framed in Mother of Pearl- (no coincidence in the name for a first granddaughter.) She studied this several month old photo, looked up at me and said “I’m a BOY?” From the floor, too hysterical to answer I heard her add “my hair is so weird.” And so with whatever parts we’ve purchased – let’s Enter Laughing because the blessing with no surprise will get you through the night and then some.  


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