Gracefully Speaking

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzy. The try it you’ll like it way or the highway. With no surprise the most unexpected of pleasures were not acquired tastes but the out of the gate one time shots. I’ve heard over and over again, when the initial I don’t knows, or I can’t commits fade away the why did I wait so longs to try that come into play. So let’s do it Zumba and let’s finally learn to play bridge. No more what are we waiting fors look good on us. Once I dive in my drive to excel and repeat often is relentless. I am a binge “doer.” The I can’t get enough of something type. Resistance with persistence smashes our chance for chance. Recognizing opportunity is my idea of “getting lucky.” Filling my dance card takes on new meaning when occupying daytimes with new passions are the goals. I have done movie therapy- three in a day. I have played mah jongg and canasta day into night. I’ve also watched Orange is the New Black and House Of Cards, punctuated by four meals. I’m not a shopper and I don’t play candy crush. With hard core determination I skipped those costly time and money preoccupations. As we enter the new phase of grown-up play land, grandchildren become real live dolls and becoming a canasta masta replaces winning at monopoly and clue. What goes around comes around in the form of play. We call it success when we do a work out, play an afternoon game and when we can rock and roll our night away after dinner at the clubhouse. Moving on up is the new aging. Grab the ring, make it golden and leave the complaint department–never to return!

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