Don’t Mess with Mr. In-Between

“You’ve got to Accentuate the positive eliminate the Negative.” Lyrics by Johnny Mercer. My path is one run on-on the mend sentence – I believe the mend, if you don’t play small with your life is a constant. The no pain, no gain aspect rings true throughout. Live, Love, Laugh and the Reap, Repair, Reward alliterations work for me. With luck, our challenges are the least surmountable factor we face. The ride to the top the longest, the stay at the top, the shortest and the ride down the quickest. With wisdom we will send the elevator back down to the people who helped get us to the shortest part of out ride. Loyalty in friendships is optimum when setting up your agenda at the beginning of the semester. The anticipation is that friends come fully equipped to make your world go round. Good luck in winning the lottery as well. Naively, I believed we get back what we give. When your brushing off the disappointments one after the other you then learn that loyalty is the prize to keep your eye on. Rare indeed, but if it exists it is intentional and without erraticism. As I travel on, my myopic, rose colored views are returning to the originals. I’m refining my expectations as the glaring realities present their goods repetitively. When you buy a house the first time you look at the white picket fence and the marble bathroom. Second time around you check for roaches. When loyalty is the card you choose at charades, trade up for the biggest stuffed animal on the top shelf and give it someone in the room. Whoever guesses first what your portraying, invite them to your next dinner part and seat them next to you. Buy that new dress today!

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