Life on Life’s Terms

We leave at months end for the winter. Yes, “our”winter months are here. Not gruesome, actually thrilled, as our world and our lives are so very blessed. With our get up and go we created a world that resonates with Joy and Excitement. Your children run up to our door, check out the pictures that greet them and dash in to hear the familiar – “who’s here?” A knowing place to hang their hat, and know they will enjoy the party. We play, we eat, we laugh, we hug and we start again. Each one has their own place in our very large hearts. Grandpa Ira is their king and Judy their Queen. At least in my story. We make them feel special. They know have their routines of play on which they can rely. We have helped to make memories that are precious and I trust as they go along will remember forever. When we take them to do an activity outside, a museum, a movie, an art project it brings the outside in. Honestly it’s all good- but nothing beats the look on their faces when they come in to “hang” amongst the scattered magna tiles, trucks, soldiers, baby doll and miniature pocketbooks- and one Huge Blended Heart laced with Love. We are blessed and know they are too!


“If you don’t own it the people can tell”- well my dear niece, my blood, you have owned it since I watched you lick ur finger to turn the page as Daddy read the newspaper. You led with your heart. You work the room without intent and win the hearts of everyone. Your smile shines thru your G-d given dimples. You create an aura, a distinctive atmosphere of quality, wherever you go.

It is once again your time to shine. You met your love, the man in your picture show to stand by your side. He is a gentleman, a kind soul and knows what you need when you need it. Grandma and Papa would be proud to know you will share your life with him. He holds his money clip in his pocket and your heart in his hand. We love him too! 

Go forward my dear children – work each venue you stroll into with a sense of knowing – that ” if you don’t own it the people can tell!