A Place to Call Our Own!

G and H-I am so happy we created “A Place to call Our Own.” Our time together over this year has been just Great. Ira and I drive out to see you and I look forward to “coming home.” I walk through the door, exchange hugs laced with long term familiarity and our day begins.

We talk, we laugh, we eat, we play and stay all day. Our canasta game has improved as your teaching skills are professional. This brings me back to my childhood of days, unscathed, when the world had a different profile of Peace. I played on Stone Avenue until the street lights went on. Well, I am back to playing games, as life repeats itself.

I couldnt be happier to have found a game we share in common. We have walked the path of life together and we have come full circle. you have welcomed Ira into your home and your hearts as if he were one of your own. He is extremely fond of you and looks forward to our days well spent. Life is good every time we return and resume “A Place to Call Our Own.”

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