This One’s For You, Wherever You Are

This One’s for you Wherever you are.

Hello Abraham hello Strauss
Could it be I still have “stuff” from your store?
In the omg department- we are
thinking 1964.
Emotional hoarders anonymous has…
Saved us a seat towards the front.
We are bagging and throwing getting rid of so much.
Our garbage room will bear the brunt.
We found collections of pedal pushers and helancas- holding on to the best of the rest.
Dug up some amazing treasures.
Who knew underwear could put us to the test,, (Days of the week.)
We found a bag of pink foam rollers.
Hairnets and bobby pins by the dozen.
A yellow alpaca sweater-that still has the fuzz in.
Ok, now our game of parchesi.
A full set of Jacks and a ball.
Flower power dresses we fancied.
So we wore them all through the Fall.
Charles Jourdan you made us feel taller.
Sorry to say you must go.
An old bottle of Canoe and Shalimar.
Come on let’s move on with the show.
We’ve learned so much rummaging thru our belongings.
Reliving parts of life we forgot.
Some laughter, some tears in the process.
Who knew bubble wrapping could leave us besot.

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