Another opening, Another show.

Another Opening. Another Show.

Alright next chapter show us what’s on “tap.”

Right-left-right cha cha cha.

This episodes about to “rap.”

Let’s do the hokey pokey.

Double down and bet the store.

We ‘ll turn on the victrola.

And dance across the floor.

Come on twist and hully gully.

A lil samba, a dash of waltz.

Will complete the whole gestalt.

Some lindy hop and jitterbug.

No more dancing just in place.

Hit the ground and sprint ahead.

Let’s put on a brand new face.

Add input to affect a change.

Inertia is not an option.

We’re shaking it up and shifting gears. 

We will add mojo, fine tune Moxie.

Come on boogie woogie bugle boy.

The top man of your craft. 

“Stroll”into this chapter and bring along your draft.

Let’s “tap” into the Bossa Nova.

Rock and Roll and “All that Jazz.”

Bunny hop and two step.

Swing dance with great pizazz.

Step one, dance two. 

Shouts The Chorus, from the line.

Fine tune an Arabesque, stay on Pointe and redefine. 

Add elbow grease to team effort.

Realign your goals in mind.

Offering a leg up, if anyone falls behind. 

So as you chasse across the finish line.

Or Fred Astaire across the ceiling.

We will welcome in this brand new chapter.

Position one as we are kneeling.

Hit it Elton.

“So goodbye yellow brick road.

Where the dogs of society howl.

You can’t plant me in your penthouse.

I’m going back to my plough.”

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