Mimi was it Beurre Blanc?

I would wake up early Friday mornings, open my door and grab The New York Times Restaurant Review Section. When I worked with you in the basement of
1081 3rd Avenue from 1977-1980, Mimi Sheraton was the “it” girl. Her glorious career spanned her lifetime. From chopsticks to soupçons and everything in-between.
We wondered if she would think the carrots were a good addition to the Fritto Misto? Was there going to be a comment about the broccoli holding too much batter? We knew if she reviewed us the Tartufo would be lauded- the ice cream gal that she was. Disguised or not, we waited for her as her aura was recognizable.
Who knows if I had stayed in the restaurant industry between my love for food and all that surrounds it and my flare for penning words if I would have followed Mimi around the corner and down the block into Lutece. The smell of Truffles in season was the initial allure and then Andre Soltner worked his magic. Euphoric recall laced with reverence indeed.
You had me out there taste testing the latest egg roll or asking “what their most popular pasta dish was,”at Tre Amici, often talking loudly to compete with the piano player. Hey, Mimi we wonder what your “Last Supper” was. Baruch Dayan HaEmet.

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