Altitude Hi(gh)

Airport Clamor Imagined.

Carl, Carl did ya hear me?
Root Beer, yes, no not diet.

Stanley get on line, go on, say you just had your hip replaced.

Sol, hurry I want to stop at the place that has pizza so I can have a couple of slices on the plane. No nothing to drink. I get dizzy when I pee on a plane (toilet.) Ugh and the floor is always wet.

Marty hold my coat, I knew I should-a checked it with my luggage. What ya mean I have to hold my mah jongg set on my lap. Are you joke r-ing me. Get it Marty that’s a joke. Ha! Ha!

Ron- go show em your shoulder strap we can get the exit row. No one can bang into you, you’ll sit by the window. Shout out to yup! You looking at me Ries.

Mel-ask for two bags of cookies and chips and pretzels. I’m hungry.

Frank- can you get me a magazine in the front of the plane? Doris what century are you living in? This is Jet ( no magazines) Blue.

Morris-ask what plantain chips are and if they’re kosher. Don’t tell me to shut up.

Paul- what sandwich do you want. I brought cream cheese and jelly on white. Or sardines on a roll with butter and onions. Neither one? You’ll eat the plantain chips.
Dinner? We are having Chinese.

Danny, Danny you sleeping? Watch my handbag I am going to see what they are selling in the cart. Quick let
me out.

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