CFO my

CFO my

Dear Allen Weisselberg,

Gather your toiletries and come to the gate.

That’s where your ex-daughter-in-law Jennifer was given orders to wait.

They need your room at Rikers.

She’s come to give you a ride.

Drop the loyalty and bravado.

You lost your privilege to hide.

You will recognize her gucci bag you bought her years ago.

No more benefits, no more doubts this is clearly a failed show.

You might want to pass up the snickers bar as you pass by the canteen.

It’s your turn up at bat to tell us all you’ve seen.

Your grandchildren will ask why Papa is not leading the Passover seder.

Such a shanda, no more mitzvahs.

Take a plea now don’t wait till later.

Stormy oh, Stormy she’ll lead you to the room.

Her opening act will help lift your doom and gloom.

What ya waiting for at this point?

No more covering for your muse.

You have the chance to come clean and minimize abuse.

So join forces with Jennifer and start to spill the beans.

Help stock pile grievances.

Turn the indictment into a conviction.

One last shot Mr. ( what are you thinking) Weisselberg.

Bring forth your dereliction.

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