Humpty Trumpty

Dear Don the Con,
The infamous orange man.
Ever closer to the “can.”
Without a leg to stand.

The first indictment on the way.
The next 3 carry stiffer sentences.
And so it’s time to pay some way overdue penitence.

Attention C minus lawyers.
It’s time to start the clock.
You lied, you cheated, you stole.
The consummate A- hole.
Slim chance you’ll be incarcerated.
But “stormy” weather lies ahead.
With “Georgia on our mind.
You could be left for dead.
The insurrection against our country.
With No liberty, no justice for all.
Our Dreaded history unfurled our flag.
The curtain fell on us all.

One thought on “Humpty Trumpty

  1. You made my day. Love this Love your talent🥰😘

    Jill Kershner
    6649 Hawaiian Ave
    Boynton Beach, Fl. 33437


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