Tomorrow May Rain So We’ll Follow the Sun.

” Tomorrow may rain so we’ll follow the Sun.”

Tennessee Williams wrote “snatching the eternal out of the fleeting is the great magic trick of human existence.” Who has the sign up sheet for that trick? How many times have we aspired to carpe diem-and una vita vivere (one life to live) adages that we extracted from the “you never know category.” Too many times we immerse ourselves in the possibility that second chances happen often. Can we all love better, care more and buoy those in need?
On the daily we become mired in our own discomforts and morph the ephemeral into the permanent. So just for today, in a nothing stays the same fashion, lighten your load by adding something grand to change the alchemy of your woes. Catch up with an old friend and really lend your ear. Perhaps enjoy the majesty of a glorious sunset. In the you never know category, we don‘t. Saturday strong. Bh

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