When the Next Times are Now!

Let’s live in the moment.
As Life passes us by.
Take our eyes off our phones.
We’ll give it a try.
The hours we are missing turn into days and then weeks.
While sitting and dining with our closest of peeps.
The abundance of notices through a ring or a chime.
Distinguishing sounds as our anticipation climbs.
An email, a text, a memory comes through.
Socializing through electronics is just what we do.
We glance at the table our phones perched on top.
We have tried not to look but we just couldn’t stop.
Put down your iPads and follow along.
We missed what you said, our addictions that strong.
So just for today we will silence our phones.
Cause what’s that important till we get home?
We might miss a picture from 2018, or a Brooks Brothers coupon to purchase something green.

Make it a good Thursday!

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