We’re In!

Robert Redford turned 86.
And Kim Cattrall 66.
When Sex in the City-
Becomes the “Way We Were.”
We hit the ground running.
It’s become one big blur.
Get your mojo in gear.
Take a Pilates class or two.
Sprinkle turmeric and wheat germ atop, your morning brew.
So get out there each day.
Take a walk thru the park.
Staying cross-fit is not just a lark.
With knee jerks on the daily.
And a twitch in your hip.
When you know the boats sailing.
Add your name to the list.
Whether Pepcid or Tums or the little purple pill.
This aging deal, is really quite true.
Depressed? -try to flip it, it can’t be so bad.
As you’re sitting and reading on the latest iPad.
As long as we keep our eye on the prize.
Mixing wisdom and experience to all we surmise.
So just for today embrace fate as it is.
Together we’re Better without any doubt.
Let’s do it Wednesday we are down for the count.

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