Chanukah oh Chanukah

On the sixth day of Chanukah.
We lit the menorah.
It was quite a celebration.
Knock on wood no kinehora.
The Rabbis and the Cantors,
Danced around the stage.
You sang from the pulpit.
We listened as children prayed.
Our relationship spans since 1982.
Last night we shared our Shabbos.
A veritable “who knew.”
We added a new memory, to our 3 plus score.
With the dreidels, warmth and children.
We couldn’t ask for more.
Your Beth El Congregation,
Outstanding in the game.
We were welcomed with such caring.
As a new familiar name.
As we “hammer” in the New Year.
Counting blessings deep and strong.
We’ll add Dear Philip Altland.
Thanks for inviting us along.

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