Woman helping Women!

From the Mountains to the prairies to the oceans…

Hon. Ketanji Brown Jackson,
Your knowlege runs quite deep.

Questions upon questions until you took the seat.

Your demeanor, style and enthusiasm,

Scale buildings high above.

If you run into Clark Kent,

Send him high fives and our Love.

This moment in our history,
Breathtaking as we sigh.
Please get your pens and pencils.
Numbers of crimes you need to try.

Protective and fair with reason,
Your style sings your praise.

The United States of America,
We trust you’ll help to save.

Your social construct as a woman, hits deep and to our core.
We sit with bated breath as we never have before.

Now more than ever, they’re aborting women’s rights.

We are holding tight to justice we have got a mighty fight.
Our bodies, souls and dignity are going up in flames.

Our humanity kicked to the sidelines we are fighting to regain.

Dear Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

You get but just one vote.

Sending pleading messages for strength, determination and hope.


A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Farewell “Murder No Mystery.” Prodigious proportions of murders down the block and coming to your neighborhood and not on the big screen. On the street you’ve walked home to with no thought of not making it to your front door. We watched as Lt. Alison Russo was laid to rest. Her father said it best through his pain “my daughter was fatally stabbed and left on the ground like a rag doll.” She would have been the first to run and save her assailant, had he not stabbed her to her death first. RIP posthumously Captain Alison Russo.
Where were you when Kennedy was shot? Our young, formative, developmental years were spent during the 1960’s. The innocence of knee socks and loafers, bell bottoms and clogs, alpaca sweaters and lady bug pins, madras blouses, loden coats, pea jackets and wrangler “dungarees” were how we rolled. We go back in thought when going forward needs a push. We learned to take the right action and let go of the results. Respect your elders, do unto others and lend a helping hand, basic adages that started on our front lawn. I know cliche counters but when the going gets…Destroyed norms of human behavior were unimaginable as we stood stalwart with presidential reverence and pledged allegiance. Just for today, look over someone else’s shoulder, be careful not to trip over the homeless person sleeping on your corner as you are reading your messages on your phones about one more shooting around the corner and down the block. Prayers strong!

Go to humor kind of day!

Is Everyone in the Building Making Stuffed Cabbage? Carl Reiner repost- Go to Humor kind of day!

“Oh G-d” (1977), The “2000 year old man,” enters the Pearly Gates Laughing. Estelle Reiner, his wife, said it best at Katz’s Deli, “I’ll have what she’s having.” She was married for 64 yrs. to the controller at Rancho Conejo. 98 years funny, he certainly had “The Thrill of it All.” When Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie reworded phrases to get the rhythm right on The Alan Brady show Carl Reiner called it a Wrap. So, as Rob Petrie tripped into our living rooms each week on the eponymous “Dick Van Dyke Show” it was really his “Show of Shows.”Norman Lear’s line in Carl Reiner’s 2017 documentary on aging, “If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast, was how he lived. So today Carl, we’ll have our coffee with cream and a little oatmeal in your honor. His credo was “ find your hammock and live in the now.” The transition of time in between “ok, it’s over, to what’s next, is when his productivity kicked in. HBO featured the documentary- “on demand” it if you can.The cast of characters, the best of the best. Mel Brooks is hysterical, Dick Van Dyke dances, Norman Lear is brilliant and Carl Reiner’s direction and hosting ever so warm and welcoming. When it was filmed in 2017 they were all Nonagenarians. One thing distinctly portrayed in this work of long livers is that they were passionate and fell in love with lots of things. So Carl we imagine as you enter the pearly gates, we will hear you say to G-d, “so Divine One, if you were commanding a performance your timing was propitious as “The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming”- in this “Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. I will pass the baton on to my son Rob and remind him of the line written in 1963 for “it’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. “And in a democracy, it don’t matter how stupid you are, you still get an equal share.” RIP Mr. Reiner well done!