Woman helping Women!

From the Mountains to the prairies to the oceans…

Hon. Ketanji Brown Jackson,
Your knowlege runs quite deep.

Questions upon questions until you took the seat.

Your demeanor, style and enthusiasm,

Scale buildings high above.

If you run into Clark Kent,

Send him high fives and our Love.

This moment in our history,
Breathtaking as we sigh.
Please get your pens and pencils.
Numbers of crimes you need to try.

Protective and fair with reason,
Your style sings your praise.

The United States of America,
We trust you’ll help to save.

Your social construct as a woman, hits deep and to our core.
We sit with bated breath as we never have before.

Now more than ever, they’re aborting women’s rights.

We are holding tight to justice we have got a mighty fight.
Our bodies, souls and dignity are going up in flames.

Our humanity kicked to the sidelines we are fighting to regain.

Dear Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

You get but just one vote.

Sending pleading messages for strength, determination and hope.

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