Throw back Thursday

If We Could Turn Back Time- on a repost kind of day-

So the year is 1967, we just got our drivers license, we head out in our white Volkswagen Beetle-roof top opened wide. The radio is set to Wabc am 770 and we sang out (very) loud. “We took a ride on a shoot the chute, when we fell in love down at Palisades Park.” Oh, Cousin Brucie… We threw in our nap sack which was packed with a striped towel, a rubberized white bathing cap with a chin strap (oy) baby oil and iodine mix and zinc oxide for our lips. We carried our new sun reflector under our arm. First we stopped on Main Avenue and one of us ran into the corner drugstore, (our Grovers Corner) to buy a pack of Newport Menthols and Wrigleys spearmint gum. Bradley Beach look out Passaic Girls sighting on the Garden State heading South. We all wore cut off “dungarees,” a washed out short sleeve madras blouse and underneath our version of an “itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini.” We were having a Heat Wave, only at that point in time nothing to do with a hot flash. We got into Susan’s new bells and whistles car. We fell into our 1960’s time machine. It’s now 50 plus years later and we’ve carried our age, albeit-not bad- with us, our voices sound the same. Our imaginations run wilder than we could have ever imagined. In surround sound style. memories quickly rolled by of Third Ward Park, the pond, the handball courts and Tom Sabas truck. Although nothing was yellow nor polka dot, two obvious differences were we buckled “seat belts” and didn’t stop for cigarettes. The pack of gum was opened. I declined as I just had a new crown put in and not on my head. Crowns are the new fillings. I think the dentists read that AARP pamphlet too closely. Ok, so we were heading to Debbie Larks in Monmouth Beach for a day of dejavu, forgiving smiles and delicious homemade blueberry pound cake. Another Sara Lee memory moment, only this time baked by Debbie and so yummy. I kept hoping somewhere sequestered in her beautiful home would be a couple of Bass weejuns, with shiny pennies dated 1969. She would give us a pair as a glorious reminder of how great our feet felt sans high heels. We had lunch with a beach breeze and dessert on the terrace as we caught up on children, grandchildren, thyroid meds and the latest f-factor diet. All the while we had a song in our heart as we quietly rubbed the rabbits foot in our pockets. Lucky and then some, poo poo. “Oh, if you need a friend we’re sailing right behind. Like a bridge over troubled water.. By the way Sue nothing about yesterday was a “Fugazy.” Throw it back Thursday.

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