The Queen!

Come along “Cabbage”- “Burmese” is waiting to usher you back into our sunset. My Lady, Your Majesty, My Love.

Philip Mountbatten RIP
Her Majesty the Queen aka “Cabbage” to her Prince.

Lost the charm on her arm, now a huge major miss.

99 years strong, 73 the Queen’s consort.

Third cousins as they were, ruled the highest of courts.

The Royal Navy was his calling,

Through the Second World War.

Irascible and tough minded, never the bore.

For seven Decades plus the Duke of Edinburgh was anointed.

The man of “her” hour he was happily appointed.

The horses and corgis took mere second place.

As the grandkids walked in and put the smile on his face.

Can only suppose the regime at Balmoral.

Became much less stuffy with Prince Philip as the corporal.

Her Majesty, the Queen was married when a Princess.

Will cantor through life with the status of Prince-less.

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