I Just Called to Say I Love you!!

Alexander Graham
Hold on to your Bell
Listen very closely to this tale we will tell.
4 out of 7 people walking on the street,
Faces we will never know,
No one we’ll ever greet.
The instrument you invented, that sat upon our desk.

Came alive with a Ding a Ling and oh, you know the rest.

An hello was the greeting,
The connection came so strong.

We got to schmooze and gossip,

Tell a joke, sing a song.
147 years later and
The world has gone to hell.

Oh, Alexander, we need to be saved by the bell. 

We are carrying, pressing and gazing at your namesake like no other. 

You brought communication from one house to another.

We chat with our friends and check in with each other.

If you could see the spin off, we are holding in our hands.

The newest and most modern always in demand.

You gave us communication, sensibilities though were lost.

In fear of missing an email, a text at any cost. We are talking while we’re walking, our stories overheard, 

Every Tom, Dick and Harry can hear our every word.

Let’s travel back in time, when a phone call cost a dime.

A party line was the norm and it all seemed just fine.

We couldn’t take a picture or play a word with friends,

It simple was a means to a very happy end.

3 thoughts on “I Just Called to Say I Love you!!

  1. Question of the day” Why is the person on the other end of the cell more important than the one your with? ________________________________


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