Leave it to Beaver!

Ward and June Cleaver you really did good.

Raising the two best boys in the hood.

Eddie Haskell, the prototype of the two faced dude.

His behavior you worked so hard to exclude.

The garage door was always opened real wide.

After his very white collar job,

Ward could be found woodworking inside.

When 6:00 came around,

Larry “the apple” Mondello, Lumpy and Tooey would leave to go home.

The place from where Wally and The Beav would never much roam.

As part of the era of the Ozzie and Harriets, Donna Reed and Cosmo Topper too.

The Beav and big bro Wally would learn a thing or two.

Gin Martinis, Duplicate Bridge,

Meat Loaf and Apple Pie.

An Archetypal family with hardly a cloud in the sky.

Wally was very wavy hair cute.

Looking after the Beaver, his main pursuit.

So much a part of after dinner T. V.

We thought of you as neighbors,

And part of our crew.

Farewell Tony Dow.

A heartfelt Adieu. B” H

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