You’re Not Gonna Believe This! T.S.

You’re Not Gonna Believe This! T.S.

With two silver wings
on either side.
He blow dried and sprayed it
Woody Allen frequently cast
His Black Velvet Track suit a
look in itself.
As chief henchman to Tony
Paulie Walnuts clearly had clout.
A germophobe, whose aunt was
his mother.
With a pillow he snuffed her
friend Minn Matrone out.
He claimed he saw the
apparition of The Virgin Mary
one night.
The famous Bada Bing was the
Tony ran it by Dr. Melfi and
asked Carmela her take.
She called out his name so
And told him she thought it was
David Chase cast him as “Paulie
Walnuts Gualtieri.”
Cause nuts fell off of a truck.
His t.v. chair was covered with
When he got up he often got
The resemblance between fact
and fiction.
Was so absurdly dead-on.
Tony Sirico had lived his
in life he did “stuff.”
Not everything was always real
Hence Satriales Meat Market,
The infamous scene of the
Paulie Gualtieri beat Shlomo
Teittlemans son-in-law.
In a room on the upper floor,
shot from behind.
As we binged all 86 episodes.
We really got to know why,
He threw Christopher Moltisanti
out the window.
And ate a ketchup pack in The
Barrons of Pine.
Known for cracking jokes at just
the wrong time.
RIP-Paulie Walnuts, so salt
peppered with flare.
Your character was ever so
compelling and one we will hold
ever dear.

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