Maestro hit it! Saturday

Can you dig it baby?
Follow me on my gram,
Some days a grand slam.
Others a fizzle on the ground.

No interest is found.
Music and laughter and flowers and more.
That’s how we roll on the happiness score.
With fear and fright and THE VIRUS!!
—Can’t ignore.—
Some days a battle to get through the door.
So play your games, draw a picture or two, Hug a loved one who is tried and true.
We are in it together a time like no other.
Make the nasty more pleasant embellish the joy-
Each moment, hour and days, yours to enjoy.
Aim for the sky and reach for the stars.
Better together in times called bizarre.

One thought on “Maestro hit it! Saturday

  1. Good health. Someone to love, something to do, something to look forward to..all the rest is fluff.M ________________________________


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